Lowering Service

A lowering kit is a great way to improve the handling and stability of your truck by creating a lower center of gravity. We offer lowering shackles, hangers, spindles, and complete lowering kits, as well as rear axle flip kits for maximum drop.

It's common for truck owners to lower their vehicle’s suspension system a few inches for a sporty look, or they go to the extreme and lay the frame on the ground to create a wild custom show vehicle.

You can lower a full-size or midsize pickup in a variety of ways that affect its appearance, handling, towing and cargo capacity. We’ve outlined the most common methods and best practices so that you gain a better understanding of the techniques and what best suits the look and performance you want to achieve.

Pros: Lowering your truck brings its center of gravity closer to the ground. The practical upshot of this is improved maneuverability and traction, with reduced chances of rolling over. A lowered vehicle also benefits from improved aerodynamics due to less air going underneath the vehicle, potentially creating a positive impact on fuel efficiency.

Cons: The most obvious disadvantage of a lowered truck is the reduction in ground clearance. This makes it easier to bottom out when traveling over uneven terrain. Lowering your vehicle can also alter certain parameters such as steering axis inclination, leading to different scrub radius measurements which can result in uneven tire wear. Finally, ride quality can suffer from excessive lowering, resulting in a less comfortable driving experience.

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